"I was extremely pleased with the work that Matt and his staff accomplished at my house. Their planning, design, and craftsmanship could not have been of higher quality. They were very thorough and took care of numerous details for me. You couldn't pick a construction company with higher integrity!"
— Bernie Heath

Local Agencies

Sustainable Tompkins: www.sustainabletompkins.org

Green Building: www.ccetompkins.org/environment/greenbuilding.htm

Local Solar Photovoltaic Companies

Fingerlakes Renewable Energy: www.fingerlakesrenewableenergy.com

Performance Systems Contracting: www.PSConstracting.com

Renovus Energy: www.renovusenergy.com

Government - NY State

EnergySmart/EnergyStar Program: www.energystar.gov

US Department of Energy-Energy Saving Tips: www.eere.energy.gov/consumer/tips

Green Building

United States Department of Energy: www.sustainable.doe.gov/building/gbintro.shtml

Green Building Alliance: www.gbapgh.org

Green Building Information Council: www.greenbuilding.ca/GBIC.htm

Structures of Straw: www.strawbale.org

World Green Building Council: www.worldgbc.org